Magnesium and the Human Body

Why do we need Magnesium?


If you're lacking in cellular magnesium, it can lead to the deterioration of your cellular metabolic function and mitochondrial function, which in turn can lead to more serious health problems. The scientific evidence suggests magnesium is particularly important for your heart health. Your heart is the most magnesium dependent organ in your body, and when tissue level begin to drop, the heart senses this and begins to gather the magnesium to itself like a squirrel gathering nuts. It draws the magnesium from your teeth, your muscles, your bones, and your tissues. This ensures that the heart will remain able to function properly, with adequate magnesium levels, but it leaves the rest of the body limping along without enough magnesium. *

It's also very important to have a proper balance between magnesium and calcium, but few people get enough magnesium in their diet these days, while calcium tends to be overused and taken in high quantities. Insufficient magnesium tends to trigger muscle spasms, and this has consequences for your heart in particular. This is especially true if you also have excessive calcium, as calcium causes muscle contractions. Magnesium also functions as an electrolyte, which is crucial for all electrical activity in your body. Without electrolytes such as magnesium, potassium and sodium, electrical signals cannot be sent or received, and without these signals, your heart cannot pump blood and your brain cannot function properly.*

Magnesium is a critical nutrient that our bodies need to drive over 300 enzymatic processes, including regulation of our heart and hormone balance, most notably the fight or flight response that is governed by the sympathetic nervous system and related neurochemistry. We make our magnesium oil from a super pure source deposit that is 1500 feet below the surface of the Earth and over 250 million years old. This is the highest quality topical magnesium that you can purchase. Absorption through the skin is around 80%, vs. a supplement which is around 20%.*


Transdermal magnesium is a powerful tool in the battle against magnesium deficiency. Benefits reported by those who use transdermal applications of magnesium relate specifically to its therapeutic application on the skin and its direct absorption into the cells: 

· Increased sleep 

· Reduced muscle aches, pains, and cramping 

· Reduced outbreaks of eczema and psoriasis 

· Better sleep, relaxation and stress management 

· Increased energy levels and improved moods 

· Increased athletic performance*

Transdermal magnesium is also an easy and convenient, “do it yourself” method of magnesium supplementation, as it avoids the problems of gastrointestinal irritation and diarrhea, through bypassing the digestive system entirely. It passes directly into the tissues via the skin, where it is quickly transported to cells throughout the body. Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body. Researchers have detected more than 3,750 magnesium-binding sites on human proteins giving an indication of its wide-ranging health effects.* 

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