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About Michelle Peterson - Equine Events Facilitator


I have been living and breathing horses for 33 years since I was a young girl spending a great deal of my days learning with them and beside gifted teachers and instructors. I developed my own version of Equine Inspired Experiences based on my training in Equine Inspired Life Coaching as well as Horsemanship and have been sharing these journeys with others since 2005. I facilitate equine experiences with horse and their owners, journeying pilgrims, and also offer clinics and workshops globally in horsemanship, horse medicine, and better understanding yourself through the way of the horse. I attend clinics yearly to better my own horsemanship and in my free time my partner and I ride out and camp with our horses. 

Journey into the Heart of Self with Horse as Your Guide

  A Medicine Horse Journey is an invitation into Self-awareness.  You will spend time with one of our medicine horse herds in beautiful Sedona.  Together with the horses we inquire into the questions in your heart and life with horse as mirror and Michelle as translator.  It does not require horse knowledge or horsemanship skills.  It does require an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to receive what the horse is reflecting back to you.  Horse medicine is simple.  The horse, an instinctual, present, aware, sentient being, gives us an opportunity to drop into the very same state of presence to be with them.  That is the gift.   Horse medicine journeys incorporate awareness of horse and herd behavior, mindfulness tools, and meditation. 

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