About Us


Authentic Sedona Since 1984

When our family landed here in Sedona in the winter of 1984, we knew we would be lifelong residents. Although much has changed over the years, the uniqueness and beauty of Sedona will remain forever. The idea for Oak Creek Apple Company was born not long after our arrival, and eventually "took seed" ;) We strive to always convey our deep love of Sedona and all of her amazing natural resources through our products, and pass on the organic goodness - in all it's forms - of Sedona's original crop. The Apple! 


More Than Taste

The apple itself is a superfood, but we have taken it much further with our therapeutic herbal blends of honey, vinegar and magnesium products. Each product is heavily researched and put through many testing phases before reaching our customers, ensuring a product that is superior in quality, taste and efficacy. Using our local organic apples in every batch, we focus on Whole Being Health and will never stop striving to improve exponentially. 


Dedicated To You

Our family's unwavering mission is to raise awareness and increase education about health, happiness, longevity and sustainability for everyone we come into contact with. We are a family run business that spans three generation of hard working, innovative women. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts  for allowing us the opportunity to serve you, and hopefully make your life a healthier, happier experience. Aho! <3