Race to the Rescue Animal Sanctuary

Greyhounds, Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses

 As part of the community involvement branch of Oak Creek Apple Company, we are developing a rescue program aimed primarily at race animals - off track greyhounds, thoroughbreds and quarter horses. Large amounts of these animals are sold by the pound to slaughterhouses around the country, every day. Many are abandoned or mistreated when they fail to bring in the money that the racing industry demands. These animals need rehabilitation, love, care and a quiet place to heal and learn what it means to be loved, and it is our mission to provide that. We will be taking them in, rehabilitating and retraining them, and finding them their forever homes. Our staff has an extensive background in equine sports, nutrition and training and we love watching the immense potential of these animals bloom. They are so special, so gifted - and they deserve a chance. Race to the Rescue will give them that chance.   

While our main focus is on race based animals, we also take in, foster and re-home the littles such as cats and bunnies. Every animal matters <3